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This journal has been created for the discussion of logic and its relationships and applications.

Feel free to post insights, questions, essays, paradoxes, and topics that fit within the realm of logic or mathematical logic. But please stay on topic. I will delete posts that have no relationship with the purpose of the forum.

Here is HTML you can cut and paste to get some symbols (better methods that work would be appreciated.)

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/forall.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/exists.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/elementof.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/notelement.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/subset.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/impropersubset.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/union.gif>

  • To get use <IMG SRC=http://www.uhhhhhyeah.homestead.com/files/math/intersection.gif>

    Also, this site may help some users create all the ASCII symbols. Use these at your own risk as many browsers (most?) do not support the images. This problem will likely go away with the progress of browser tech. New PCs with Explorer should have no troubles:

    And last, but not least, it's the "I'm a real nerd" LJ webring: mathematics, physics, debate, and rational_disco.

    This community is hosted by thehat.
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